Prize-Giving Ceremony (June 2018)

Maha Shivratree Celebration (February 2017)

Golden Jubilee Celebration (August 2016)

Maha Shivratree (February 2016)

Prize-Giving Ceremony (13 Jul 2015)

Maha Shivratree Celebration (16 – 17 Feb 2015)

Saraswati Pooja (5 Oct 2014)

Durga Pooja Celebration (25 Sept – 3 Oct 2014)

Unveiling of Commemorative Plaque of Maha Luxmi Mandir
and Shreematee Rohinee Roy Memorial Hall (31 August 2014)

Murthee Staphna and Kumbhabhishekam (2009)

Murthee Staphna (2002)

Maha Shivratree Celebration down the years (1989 – 2000)

Inauguration of Shri Jay Narain Roy Memorial Hall (1989)

One thought on “Gallery

  1. Hello to all . We are the Raja Rai family. I’m so happy to have found you online. Makes life so much easier. Can check the dates of prayers instantly. Very well constructed and simple to use. Bravo to all who made this possible. Happy Shivratree to all.

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