Social Activities

1. Social Welfare Activities

As regards the scope of the Association’s activities, the members have strived to diversify the activities of the temple thus adding more rationale and meaning to our daily lives by developing closer ties with our immediate neighbourhood. The Association is actively involved in a wide plethora of social welfare services.

In our quest to alleviate poverty, on a monthly basis, a wide range of basic foodstuffs and distribute them to the downtrodden and the economically distressed families.

2. Rewarding Educational Achievement

We devote a part of our budget to reward the outstanding performance of our young children at the primary level and our students at the secondary level.  In this context, we hold every year, a prize giving ceremony.  This exercise started in 2001 and has since become a key event.  The Association also strives to take care of the education of needy children.  We regularly donate textbooks and other pedagogical materials so that they can pursue their studies with peace of mind.

Prize Giving

Prize Giving

3. Eau Coulee Waterfront – Landscaping Project

The landscaping project along the Royal Road Eau Coulee was realized in mid-2008 and inaugurated by us with religious fervour on the occasion of Ganga Asnan in the same year. We launched this initiative of converting a bare plot of land, which was an eye-sore, into a beautiful landscape.  We are indeed very grateful to Honourable Minister Anil Kumar Baichoo and the officers of the Ministry of Environment who did a tremendous job to transform the riverside into a religious and leisure site to the satisfaction of all the inhabitants of the Eau-coulee.   We are very proud of this achievement which has contributed in the face-lifting of our region and creation of what is now known as the Eau Coulee Waterfront.

Eau-Coulee Waterfront

Eau-Coulee Waterfront

4. Empowering Hindu Families

In line with the present government’s policies, we are also engaged in the empowerment programme. We motivate needy families and people especially women to try to strike out on their own and be independent. In this connection, we organize seminars from time to time. Our trainees get the opportunity to meet resource persons such as entrepreneurs who assist them all while providing precious advice on how to market their products.

5. Regular Visits to Families and Counselling

It is now in our tradition to pay visits to families who are the victims of the various social ills such as drugs and alcoholism. We do our level best to prevent matters from getting worse and thus we offer relevant and targeted advice to those concerned with a view to rehabilitating them. Counselling is also provided to families where there is stress and strain between parents and their children.