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The Maha Luxmi Mandir is a Hindu temple located in the area of Eau-Coulée in Mauritius.

The Mandir is dedicated to serving the religious, cultural and philosophical needs of the Hindu community through regular prayers and the celebration of major Hindu festivals. Founded in 1966, the Mandir has been perpetuating the socio-cultural heritage of our forefathers, thus keeping alive, the traditions and values of the Hindu religion.

Currently almost all the Vrats – Kathas – Pujas in the Hindu Pantheon are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and devotion.  Shiv-Abhishek is conducted every Monday.  Similarly, Massik Shivratree and Satya Narayanan Swami ki Katha are celebrated every month. Throughout the year, there are various activities which are scheduled and celebrated (Please refer to ‘Events and Activities’ section).


Maha Luxmi Mandir Association
Registered No 723
Giquel Street, Eau-Couléeée-Mauritius